Vertical Gardens in Paris
  • 19
  • Aug
  • 2009

Alisa Gould-Simon wrote something about it for Gridskipper

The hottest trend in Parisian garden design is the vertical garden — walls of plants arranged like living tapestries that provide green space without taking up square footage. And the maestro of the vertical garden is French green-haired botanist Patrick Blanc, whose copyrighted murs végétaux are revolutionizing urban gardens worldwide (and inspiring plenty of knock-offs on his home turf). Blanc’s gardens are ingenious works of art, planted without soil on a durable frame of PVC, metal, and non-biodegradable felt, with a built-in pump watering system that allows them to thrive for years. 

The Club Med Champs Elysées, corner of the Champs Elysées 70  Rue Pierre Charron has such a vertical garden. It  contains plants meant to represent the five continents, to help set the mood for … would-be travelers planning their organized voyages around the planet. It’s all part of the group’s effort to go upscale, creating a space that also incorporates modern design and a multitude of screens projecting images of faraway locales in a space it calls “an embassy of dreams.” Blanc’s wall is lit at night and visible from the exterior.

Others are Parking des Ternes,38 Avenue des Ternes,75017 Paris – Hôtel Pershing Hall, 49,Rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris ( it’s nice to have a drink at the bar next to the vertical garden)- Musée du Quai Branly,55 Quai Branly,75007 Paris - Fondation Cartier,261, Boulevard Raspail 75014 Paris , the wall at the entrance was plantede a decade ago - Bhv Homme,36, rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris , the wall was meant to make a narrow street more lively and it looks like a painting to me.


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