Nostalgic French Pub
  • 29
  • Jul
  • 2010

While strolling on a sunny summerevening we did pass a little café “très sympa”, turned around and had a drink. We didn’t need to go home yet as we stayed another night at the Montmartre Studio Lofts. The owner of the place is a very friendly young man who wanted to start a small neighbourhood café where everybody can jump in, have a chat and a drink or nibble. As he pointed : “I want to have a café where a woman on her own can have a drink at the bar without being bothered” He offers different housewines by the glass. And you can have a platter of cheese or charcuterie at a fair price.

The atmosphere is sixties-seventies with a twist. Music is good and on a big screen they show old french musictelevision. When there is a rugby match it’s shown on the big screen too which gives it a sporty macho ambiance at that moment.

Nostalgique French Pub, 46, Rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, 75009 Paris, open 7/7 until 2 h

Marché St.-Quentin
  • 24
  • Jul
  • 2010

After some years of decline, the Marché St.-Quentin, near the Montmartre Studio-Loft is alive again. The covered market sells all fresh products as bread, vegetables, meat and fish from France. But you can also find specialities of other countries ( Brasil, Libanon, Italy, Portugal, …). The market is open every day except on monday.

Marché St.-Quentin, 84 B, Rue Magenta, 75009 Paris

Excellent cheese
  • 20
  • Jul
  • 2010

The French have a special relation with cheese. They are very demanding and want a cheese riped to perfection. Therefore most of the excellent shops have their own cellars. Marie-Anne Cantin has 7 of them and is one of a kind of perfectionist. But her obsession was worth while, she sells to a lot to well known restaurants all over Paris and also …to the President.

You can also assist to cheese degustations that change with the season.

Marie-Anne Cantin, 12, Rue de Champs-de-Mars, 75007 Paris, M° Ecole Militaire,

Le Miroir
  • 15
  • Jul
  • 2010

After a passage with Alain Ducasse ” Aux Lyonnais”, the chef and sommelier wanted to fly on their own. They decided to start a small bistrot where the ingredients of the food are the most important. And so they created a bistrot de chef where the chef can be creative and make very tasty dishes. We had a wonderful lunch ( cod with young vegetables – veal liver with Xeres vinegar sauce and salad  - strawberry soup ) with very fresh products, the wine was excellent and so the price. The service was correct.

In front of the restaurant is the wine-shop where you can find nice wines with an excellent price/quality.

Le Miroir, 94, Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris, tel 01 46 06 50 73, M° Abbesses