David Seidner
  • 13
  • Jan
  • 2009

David Seidner was an incredibly talented American photographer who died  at the peek of his career. His experimental style always had class and exquisite taste. He was widely known as a fashion photographer, doing campaigns for the most prestigious design houses. In the early 80’s when Yves St. Laurent hired him, he was the youngest photographer ever to do ad campaigns for the designer. Besides his commercial work, was a serious artist and portrait maker who had a super precise eye for details, truly turning photos into art.

The space of the Fondation has been totally stripped of any ornamentation and decoration and transformed into two minimalist rooms. When you walk up the steps of the 18th century hotel particulier, you enter a dramatic, pitch-black room with the only light coming from behind the photos. On the right wall is an early series of black and white works in a fragmented style from the late 70’s and early 80’s inspired by composer John Cage.
After the black room you step up to the next part of the exhibit, which is a fluorescent white room with a series of nudes.

This is a must-see exhibition, very stunning and sublime.

David Seidner, Fondation Pierre Berger- Yves St. Laurent, 5 Ave. Marceau,75016 Paris, M° Alma Marceau
Open 11AM-6PM except Sunday