A sunny Sunday-afternoon on the Parisian canals
  • 10
  • Jul
  • 2010
A Passion for Delacroix
  • 14
  • Feb
  • 2010

Tired of shopping, looking for a peacefull heaven, just jump in at Musée E.Delacroix at the nice Place Furstenberg.
At Vingt I read that there is an interesting exhibition. Text by Tiffany Tang
“The Musée national Eugène Delacroix presents its first private collection acquired by Karen B. Cohen – an exhibition encompassing works from exclusive purchases at public auctions to modestly priced paintings, preparatory works, sketches, manuscripts and copies of the Old Masters – offering a panoramic view of the artist’s career through the variety of subjects represented in his works. The selection of 90 works is now returned to the walls of the artist’s studio, on which they once were, until the sale of the premise in 1894.

Aside from the renowned pieces, this exhibition covers the lesser-known works by Delacroix, which includes copies of the Old Masters Raphael and Rubens, illustrations on works of Shakespeare and George Sand, paintings on religious subjects, savage wildlife, as well as glimpses of the Moroccan livelihood and the natural landscapes of Valmont the artist observed during his travel, which are rarely shown in public. These specially selected pieces are presented alongside borrowed works from Musée du Louvre and other public collections, thus offering a comprehensive view on the development of the Delacroix’s artistic maneuver and revealing his source of inspiration. A majority of the exhibited works will return to the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York after the exhibition, of which Karen B. Cohen is an honorary trustee.

Musée national Eugène Delacroix, 6 ,rue de Furstenberg, 75 006 Paris, M° Saint-Germain
Open every day except for Tuesdays from 9.30pm to 5pm.

A coffee at Le relais Odeon
  • 31
  • Aug
  • 2009

Most Parisiens take their coffee standing up at the bar, talking to some mates hanging out with them. If not, they like to have a look at who’s passing by but some of them like to read their newspaper. Not all the places have them but one of these places is Le relais Odeon. 

At the carrefour de l’Odéon, this Art Deco café has a marvelous pewter bar, fantastic bar stools, and a cozy interior. Read the excellent local daily Le … Parisien, the conservative Le Figaro, or check up on the latest rugby scores in L’Equipe.

Le relais Odéon, 132 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris

La Fourmi ( the ant)
  • 29
  • Aug
  • 2009

On walking distance from the Montmartre Studio Loft is a little café called La Fourmi . It’s a nice hangout place where you surely can meet some lonely locals. The drinks are good and so are the prices. For one or another reason, it seems to be almost always sunny on their terrace when we come there. 

La Fourmi,74, Rue Martyrs 75018 Paris