Fabrique 4
  • 13
  • Jan
  • 2009

A lot of chefs dream of a simple yet good price/quality restaurant where they can come and have a nice meal. Such a bistro is Fabrique 4. Van Gorp (topchef at the Market) was looking for an unconvenient place and found an old broquante shop in the 17th Arr. , he refurbished the place and made a creative menu.

Subtile dim-sums with gambas and grilled shiitake mushrooms give a nice explosion of tastes. The fish is cooked perfectly yet special with pumpkinfilled ravioli and roasted pumkinseeds. The meat is great , soft as butter and makes a good combination with spinach mixed with basilic an wasabi.

When Van Gorp does not find the right ingredients he has no problem to import them himself. The price of the menu is ok:  10 euro – starter and 15-17 euro-  main dish. Fixed lunch : one dish, one glas of wine or beer, one coffee : 20 euro.

Fabrique 4, Rue Brochant, 75017 Paris, tel. 01 58 59 06 47, M° Brochant