Brasserie Terminus Nord
  • 30
  • Jul
  • 2009

Terminus Nord, just in front of Gare du Nord is an old institution. It is open every day, even on Sunday evening ( exceptional in Paris)

The restuarant is reasonably priced, full of Parisians and has nice “plateau de fruits de mer”. The staff is friendly and even if they don’t speak English, they try to help you out.

Terminus Nord, 23, Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris

Mother and son’s art
  • 28
  • Jul
  • 2009

Through September 15, art of Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo is shown at La Pinacotheque. Almost 50 works of each artist are shown.

The story of Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo is the story of Montmartre and Paris in the beginning of the 20th century.
This Duo Mother and Son, eccentric and a bit bohemian, is the symbol of the transformation of the artistic universe at this time with the beginning of Impressionism.

La Pinacotheque, 28, place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris,  M° Madeleine

Herboristerie de la Place de Clichy
  • 26
  • Jul
  • 2009

As read on IVY Paris :

Herboristerie de la Place de Clichy has one of Paris’ most beautiful shop facades. The wooden interior from the 19th century will take you back in time and houses 900 different types of plants to aid you with any kind of health complaint or beauty need.

You are able to have a little consultation with the chemist himself with the issues in hand (problems getting to sleep, stress, or some other real or imagined ailment). 

One of their best-sellers is a slimming cure (une tisane pour maigrir – 10 day cure is 17euros) which is based on seaweed and will apparently modify one’s appetite. Other beauty products are an anti-cellulite cure (French women’s holy grail product) and essential oils of a very high quality.

When you stand in front of it, you just have to enter this place, at least that was what happened to me last winter.

Herboristerie de la Place de Clichy, 87 rue d’Amsterdam,75008 Paris, tel 01 48 74 83 32,M° Place de Clichy

Gustave Eiffel : Genius of Iron
  • 22
  • Jul
  • 2009

Mostlyt the exhibitions at the Hôtel de Ville are of very good quality and its for free. This summer Gustave Eiffel and his creations are in the picture.

Hôtel de Ville ,5, rue de Lobau, 75001 Paris, M° Hôtel de Ville