The Hidden Kitchen
  • 15
  • Oct
  • 2009

Since a year or two we see an influx of young American chefs . They change the traditional restaurant scene a bit with tiny restaurants – 4 tables only ( genre Spring) or serving food at their appartment (genre Hidden Kitchen). And if there is one dinner to plan in advance of your trip to Paris, make it Hidden Kitchen. Located in the swanky Parisian flat of two talented American chefs, this secret restaurant is where food-loving strangers come to meet and eat.

Two pioneers in this delicious movement are Braden and Laura. In 2007, the couple moved from Seattle to Paris to set up Hidden Kitchen, an underground, word-of-mouth, dining destination located in their central and super chic Parisian apartment.

So how does it work?
Twice a week, Braden and Laura host elaborate, market inspired, ten-course tasting meals with wine pairing for 16 diners  (their address remains “hidden” until your reservation is confirmed via e-mail).

To reserve a spot at Hidden Kitchen, send an email to: Dinners are on Sundays and either Friday or Saturday of each week. Reservations are recommended several months in advance. Suggested donation: 80€/person (cash or check only). See the Hidden Kitchen website for sample menus and more information.


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