The hair Couturier
  • 28
  • Oct
  • 2012

Out of the newsletter from Do it in :

“You are done with hairdresser fast-foods, cheap blonds, boring hair cuts that correspond neither to your hair texture nor to your style?

The same way we love designer dresses, we are all looking for a great hairdresser. We have found for you a top stylist for cut and color…

A customized approach

These hairdresser-stylists offer you a real consultation to define a cut that matches your personality and your lifestyle. Out of the question to impose half and hour of hairstyling every morning to working girls allergic to the idea of a blow-dry at home…

A couture cut is essential for a Parisienne !

For a personalized cut… trust your mane to expert hands that will enhance its  beauty. The high added value of the Maniatis team ? They cut on dry hair, strand by strand, to sculpt the raw material.

A color workshop

Sublimate your complexion and set off the color of your eyes… Here is all the know-how and the exacting talent of these hair artisans. The colorists put together a unique hue, using the latest technologies, for a natural result that acquires a harmonious patina and lasts a long time.

Salon Jean-Marc Maniatis
40 boulevard Haussmann
2ème étage Lafayette Coupole
75009 Paris

Tel: 01 42 82 07 09


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