Terminus Nord
  • 30
  • Aug
  • 2010

Terminus Nord, just in front of Gare du Nord is an old institution. It is open every day, even on Sunday evening ( exceptional in Paris) and until very very late. And early in the morning you can have your “petit déjeuner”.

The restuarant is reasonably priced, full of Parisians and has nice “plateau de fruits de mer”. The staff is friendly and even if they don’t speak English, they try to help you out.

We did arrive rather late in Paris and were hungry. Almost all the restaurants in the neighborhood were clossing. So we went to Terminus Nord. We had a real nice dinner with our kids. (One of our kids would like to work there for a month or two, just because of the real Parisian ambiance) We came in at 22.30 h, the place was half full. The waiters had some time to chat with some “habitués” as there were an professor, an old piano artist, a young couple after a performance,…

We ordered some rumsteack with “beurre Maître d’Hôtel”, it came with french fries and a salad ; a dozen oysters (even in July they were delicious) and the best of all “steack haché minute”, the waiter did a great job seasoning to perfection. As a dessert everybody took our family favorite “crème brulée”.

Terminus Nord, 23, Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris


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