Sexy SoPi… The Lovers Dessert
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  • Oct
  • 2010

While surfing , I did find something nice about Arnaud Delmontel, a great bakery on walking distance of the Montmartre Studio Loft, and yes I know, it’s some months ago, but I loved the idea of a lovers dessert.

Posted by Alison Smith at on February 8, 2010

Celebrate this Valentines Day with the amazing cakes from French pastry chef, Arnaud Delmontel.  His latest artistic creation, the SoPi, pays tribute to the neighborhood of  his first shop, located in the district South of Pigalle, commonly known to the locals as SoPi.  Right in time for Valentine’s Day, this elegant, candle-like cake is crafted especially for lovers.   With the help of designer & architect, Amélie G., who designed the red chocolate lattice for the cake’s exterior as well as the beautiful box that allows you to transport the fragile creation, Arnaud Delmontel creates the perfectly naughty dessert that begs to be discovered and delectated.  Since Pigalle is home to the world famous cabarets and strip-tease parlours, it seem only natural that the SoPi should hide behind the see through red veil that beckons the beguiled gourmet to strip-off the top layer in order to reach the chocolate cream filling enveloped in a dark chocolate casing, and topped off with a red chilli pepper sauce…just enough to light the fire, but not enough to burn.
Should you ask him why he became a pastry chef, Arnaud Delmontel will tell you that he owes his vocation to the delicious fragrances emanating from his mother’s kitchen.   After years of training with renowned institutions in France (Le Pied de Biche, La Marée and La Maison de Chocolat), a stint as the pastry chef to the First Minister, and even a brief period spent in the United States, he decided to open his own shop on the famous rue des Martyrs in the 9th arrondissement.   Just over a decade later, Arnaud Delmontel is the proud owner of three Parisian locations, the original on the rue des Martyrs, the second on rue Damremont in the 18th and the latest on the rue de Lévis in the 17th.  Artistry and experience are the keys to success for this Parisian pastry chef, determined to revisit the classics in French pastry.  Whether you prefer the traditional Macarons to the cute little Chocomiss cake, or the elegant Marchioness, a gastronomical concerto awaits you.

Arnaud Delmontel 39 rue des Martyrs   75009   Paris   01 48 78 29 33   M° Pigalle / St. Georges


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