Pizza di Loretta
  • 12
  • Nov
  • 2011

When you like pizza, this is the place to be. Pizza di Loretta serves pizza by pieces. The price is charged by weight.Wines are good price/quality.

When you come in, the friendly and joyful staff asks you to make your choice. Eight or ten different kinds are begging to be chosen, they all look better than the other. You can eat in or take away. It’s simple but correct.

Last night we were offered some risotto croquette.Then the chef made some jokes(it was typical italian style). You can actually see the chef making the pizza’s.

Pizza di Loretta is the place you want to go to!

Pizza di Loretta, 62, Rue Rodier, 75009 Paris, tel 01 48 78 42 56, M° Anvers


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