Neon, who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue ? at Maison Rouge
  • 10
  • Mar
  • 2012

From February 17 to May 20, 2011, la maison rouge will be host to the first large international exhibition dedicated to the history of neon in art from 1950-present. Exhibiting more than one hundred historic unseen works, dating from the 1950’s, works by pioneers; Lucio Fontana to François Morellet, Bruce Nauman, Joseph Kosuth, Maurizio Nannucci and Mario Merz from the 1960’s, to artist such as Jason, Jeppe Hein, Alfredo Jaar; Claude Lévêque, Miri Segal and many more contemporary artists.

la maison rouge,10 boulevard de la bastille,75012 paris, M° quai de la rappée or bastille


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