Mouche – a Boating Man’s Reminiscence
  • 20
  • Sep
  • 2009

This summer I was reading Great Love stories from Chekhov to Munro , My mistress’s sparrow is dead edited by Jeffrey Eugenides in which one of the stories is of Guy de Maupassant : Mouche – a boating man’s reminiscence.

In this scene the Seine is described as I’v never read it before , listen to this :

“… I cherish memories of sunrises on misty mornings, with floating, drifting vapours, white as ghosts before the dawn, and then, as the first ray of sunshine touched the meadows, lit with a lovely rosy glow; and I cherish memories too of the moon silvering, the rippling surface of the water with a radiance which brought all my dreams to life……”

So why not have a stroll along the Seine by sunset or dawn while staying in the Montmartre studio-loft ?


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