Le Turgot
  • 20
  • Aug
  • 2010

If you really want to feel and act like a Parisian who’s reading his paper or correcting his latest novel while checking out les madames of the neighbourhood, go and have a drink at place Condorcet, more specifically at bar Le Turgot. Go there if you’re feeling hungry and want a small bite or if you’re exhausted from a long day of strolling around in the loveliest town in the world.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Most likely you’ll see a typical quarrel between two ex-lovers because the guy was too evidently showing off his new conquest. Or maybe you’ll see two old Parisian friends discussing over who’s going to buy the next stella artois.

It’s all very likely to happen

If you leave the Montmartre Studioloft the place is located down the street at your right. It’s the very first little place you see. Before the renovation of Place Condorcet it was a rather lousy café, now it’s a nice place to sit down and just relax. Even the prices are reasonable (to Parisian standards, that is).

When we were there last week, we enjoyed having a drink (happy hour comes with real big pints) and  we just did some people watching. In front of us there was a young Parisian lady in a beautiful red dress with little white dots who was reading the paper (probably just solving a crossword) and sipping a red wine. Next to us, there were two beautiful young Brazilian ladies exchanging their views on the latest episode of their favourite soap when at a certain moment one of them said hi to a couple of youngsters (dressed in skinny jeans, sneakers, short haircut with a bless, 1day unshaved) who joined them for a while to on their part exchange what they thought of the ladies’ new dresses. Subsequently, the quartet disappeared to go dancing all night. There was also this young, cute, probably newly-wed couple : he was coming from work, in costume with a stylish briefcase – she, dressed in a classical outfit (gray skirt, a white blouse with gray stripes and ballerina shoes), had just done some shopping (with yesterday’s money). They were probably having one drink before heading home. They took 4 chairs, for they didn’t want to be bothered. I could see what was inside her little green bag, a new lingerie set, and when she gave him a glance of her latest purchase they also left into the night.

Finally a young Senegalese lady, dressed in traditonal fabrics, bright orange and blue, nice jewels and funky sunglasses took their place. All she did was take sips from a “petit café” but that was all she needed to do as far as I was concerned.

Café Le Turgot,  2,Rue Turgot, 75009 Paris



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