Le Poussette Café
  • 30
  • Apr
  • 2013

Maybe it’s coincidence, but since 2008 when the smoking ban took effect in France, cafes and restaurants seem to have more children in them. It is now fairly common to see couples sharing a drink with friends with a baby in tow, of digging into steak frites with a toddler in their lap.

The poussette Café is a safe haven for parents who want to get out of the house with babies and small children without worrying about them fussing, crying or needing to be breastfed. The founder has thought of everything. There is plenty of space between tables for strollers, shelves of toys and designer childrens’ cloting available for purchase, and a changing table is set up in the toilet.

Toddlers can be let loose in the little play corner guarded by a big stuffed crocodile, and on one will bat an eyelid if your baby decides to demonstrate his best screaming voice.

As for parents, they get tot take prenatal singing or infant massage classes, or simply sit and swap child-rearing tips with other customers.

It’s open all day Tuesday to Sunday, serving colourful salads and soups, tarts and cakes, delivered fresh by a local caterer, and of course, age-appropriate dishes for the small fry.

Le Poussette Café, 6, Rue Pierre Sémard, 75009 Paris, tel +33 1 78 10 49 00


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