Le Bal
  • 14
  • Apr
  • 2013

Located down the tiny Impasse de la Defense off the bustling Avenue de Clichy in the 18tharrondissement, the building at number 6, Le Bal, currently serves as a multi-purpose venue for the arts. Le Bal focuses specifically on the “document-image,” encompassing photography, video, film and new media as a means of representing reality. But you can also get a drink or a light meal at Le Bal Café.

The Building

In the roaring twenties, a popular dance hall called Chez Isis stood in this spot. After the dancing subsided, it lived on as France’s top betting center until 1992. After years of abandonment, the building was bought by the city of Paris in 2006 and plans for the current Le Bal venue went into action.

A young team of talented architects created a modern, functional space with exhibits flowing naturally into one another. The café and the bookstore open out onto the cobblestone path with a colorful children’s playground behind it.

The Café

The space has a very modern black and white décor with low hanging lights. Small rectangular shelves filled with glasses, wine bottles, and teapots line the wall behind the bar.The menu is seasonal and has a British twist, thanks to former Rose Bakery chefs Alice Quillet and Anna Trattles.

Le Bal, 6 Impasse de la Défense, 75018 Paris, M° Place de Clichy




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