La conserverie
  • 08
  • Mar
  • 2010

Written by Sarah Moriarity for VINGT :

The eclectic bar-restaurant, La Conserverie, at 35 bis rue du Sentier in the second arrondissement, serves some of the best cocktails in the city. This is big praise for a place has only been in business for four months and is keeping a death-defyingly low profile. As well as a selection of classic cocktails, La Conserverie’s menu boasts a series of original recipes invented by the bar’s Paris-born bartender, Tim. Our cocktail of choice is the DuMaurier – a mixture of rum, fresh lemon juice, champagne and whole raspberries, served with gasified sugar (rock candy) on the side. “You place a little bit of rock candy on your tongue and then take a sip,” explains Tim. “I created this cocktail specifically for that candy,” he adds. The result is a literal taste explosion as the sugar pops and fuses with the drink in your mouth.

“I hope that people will return for the drinks”, says Tim. With innovative original recipes that embrace a litany of different ingredients such as Bird Tongue spice, sake and white balsamic vinegar there is no doubt that they will. Along with the cocktails, La Conserverie has welcoming, international staff, a full food menu and a relaxed atmosphere, making it the perfect place to catch up with friends or even to have a quiet, taste bud-popping drink by yourself.  Cocktails are priced between €12 and €14.

La Conserverie,35 bis rue du Sentier,75002 Paris, M°Bonne-Nouvelle
Open until 2am from Monday-Saturday

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