Kiwi St Tropez
  • 10
  • Jan
  • 2012

Kiwi St Tropez swimwear brings the essence of French chic to swimwear! Kiwi make women’s swimwear to suit a variety of styles and ages. Kiwi swimwear quality is excellent and their ladies’ swimwear is hard to beat. A Kiwi St Tropez bikini or Kiwi St Tropez swimsuit is sure to get you noticed.

If you want a new bikini for €20 and you’re in Paris,than this is the place to buy it!
I know that Paris isn’t hot enough to want to swim but you won’t find bikinis or shorts for this price in another place.
Kiwi is a really good store with pretty clothes and there are some huge sales coming up!
The normal price for Kiwi bikinis is min. €60 ,not €20!
Don’t wait too long because there are some sales you don’t want to miss.!

Kiwi St Tropez, 12 Boulevard des Capucines, 75009 Paris, M° Opéra


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