Hey, Modern Art & Pop Culture exhibition
  • 04
  • Mar
  • 2012

It does not happen often that we visit an exhibition several times, but this time we made an exception. What you see is so fascinating, it’s as looking into the head of some-one.

“Today, the spirit of the street and of the common people is everywhere. Cartoons appear at Cannes. Artists produce toy collections. Tattooing is elevated to the status of art. Graffiti has opened a door that contemporary art can no longer ignore. Same goes for comics. The alternatives of yesteryear, our refuges, our borders, our networks are cast into the spotlight. So we throw ourselves into the breach and declare sovereignty over a rare corner that we still possess. Hey! is our vocal cord; Europe our loud-speaker.” – excerpt from HEY! Magazine’s 1st edition

Halle Saint-Pierre and the magazine HEY! have got together to present the exhibition “HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture” on view now through 3 April, 2012. An inevitable meeting at the heart of the alternative cultural scene between the currents of pop culture and popular forms of modern and contemporary art, in particular art brut and art singulier.

64 Artists featured in Hey! Magazine over the years, from all over the world, present their latest work, including the likes of: Alex Gross, Jean Labourdette, Erró, Chris Mars, Jeff Soto, AJ Fosik, Dan Witz, Titine K-Leu, Daniel Martin Diaz, Aurélie William Levaux, and many more, challenging our pictoral and cultural sensibilities, in the spirit of HEY! Magazine. The exhibition sees itself as the sounding box for the trend towards urban, pop and outsider art.

HEYHalle Saint-Pierre, rue Ronsard, 75018 Paris,on view now trough 3 april 2012


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