Finkelsztajn Sacha
  • 10
  • Oct
  • 2009

This Jewish deli specializing in what it calls “la gastronomie Yiddish” from Central Europe and Russia has been around since 1946. Sacha Finkelsztajn has a pricey but delectable selection of breads, spreads, pastries, cold cuts, and other take-out specialties.

His Strudel are delicious andso his cheese-cake. But the reason to come here is for their incredible pastrami sandwich. This isn’t New York pastrami, but lean spiced beef cut thinly and layered with slim cucumber and tomato slices, red chili paste, and eggplant caviar on an onion roll. There are also a handful of tables where you can enjoy your freshly made sandwich

Finkelsztajn Sacha, 27, Rue Rosiers 75004 Paris, tel 01 42 72 78 91                               


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