Espace Dali
  • 03
  • Aug
  • 2009

You can find L’Espace Dali at Montmartre, on walking distance of the Montmartre Studio Loft. This year they have an exhibition wich is a tribute to the 2oth anniversary of his disapearance.

In the heart of Montmartre, two art galleries invite you to discover his surrealistic creations.

ESPACE DALI GALLERY , 11, Rue Poulbot, 75018 Paris, located in the extension of the museum, offers a unique collection in France of limited editions of sculptures and engravings signed by Salvador DalĂ­.

MONTMARTRE GALLERY, 11, place du Tertre, 75018 Paris, works of art adorn the walls of the space that is bathed in light. Located at the Place du Tertre, the gallery reveals a splendid panoramic view over the most beautiful rooftops in Paris.


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