Cranach At The Musée du Luxembourg
  • 12
  • Mar
  • 2011

If you are interested in old paintings, one exhibition not to be missed is the of Lucas Cranach. It is shown at the small and cosy Musée de Luxembourg. Be sure to buy your tickets in advance through internet or in a Fnac, otherwise you will need to queue for hours.

We loved the exhibition and the intention of it. The exhibition’s intention is a good one: to present Cranach’s work within an artistic and historical framework, exhibiting his  work side by side with that of certain of his contemporaries, most notably Albrecht Dürer, as well as providing some enlightening explanation about the roles played by the many historical figures Cranach painted.  It is clear and gives a nice idea of the art at that time. But I was most impressed with his nudes.

Here we can clearly see Cranach’s feminine ideal repeated over and over, most strikingly perhaps in the figure of Justice, an elegant figure, feline features, alabaster skin, the whole draped in an all but invisible gown of gossamer. Yes, she may be dripping with sensuality and her expression may be one of barefaced suggestiveness, but it’s alright because really she’s an allegory of Justice and she is wearing clothes !

Cranach at Musée du Luxembourg,,19 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris, tel; 01 40 13 62 00; M° Mabillon or Saint-Sulpice


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