About eating and drinking in Paris
  • 25
  • Aug
  • 2010

Eating and drinking in Paris isn’t so much about food and wine. It’s really about easing the process of ordering food and having a good time – or at least not a stressful time- doing it.  In a food guide “Eating and drinking in Paris – French menu translator & Restaurant guide by Andy Herbach, I read 10 simple rules :

1. Avoid eating in a restaurant that has a menu written in English.

2. Don’t be afraid. They can’t and won’t hurt you.

3. Don’t ever call a waiter “garçon”

4. Try to make reservations.

5. Return to a restaurant if you like it.

6. Parisians dine leisurely.

7. Don’t talk loudly.

8. Stand your ground without being aggressive.

9. Visit a street vendor at least once in Paris.

10. Alway be courteous. Remember that you are a guest in their country.


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